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The New View

Our New View

Dear friends and family:  December, 2017

Last year’s letter was dominated by our loss of Elinor, which was untimely, unexpected and hard to accept.  This year, although sad thoughts persist, we have begun the process of “reinventing our lives” to turn from a focus that we have had for over 35 years

One new focus has been an increased involvement with our granddaughters, Rose and Nina, who turn four this month. 
We have spent a few days at their home in Gibsons most months to free up Jeremy’s and Ginny’s time and they
have stayed with us - the last time without their parents - in
our new condo home. 



After 27 months of chemo treatments for leukemia, Rose’s prognosis is good although there will be ongoing monitoring.   Rose is still a little smaller than Nina but the gap is narrowing and the two are very mutually supportive and complementary

BikesThey will probably be coming again to stay just before Christmas and Jeremy and Ginny will follow to be here for part of the holiday.  This year they will be getting pedal bikes from us, which they are ready for, having developed daredevil skills going down hills on no-pedal balance bikes
and, since there were no brakes, wearing out shoe leather! 


Jeremy has begun a Master’s degree in Leadership and
he juggles it with primary caregiving and Council work. 
Ginny is busily  involved in her Executive role at BGC with a very demanding workload.

After getting settled into our new accommodations and getting used to condo life we continued our transition with a cruise through the Baltics, including St. Petersburg, Estonia and Scandinavian ports along with a side tour of Berlin, sandwiched between visits in England with Mary’s family and a Rett family (and founder of the UK Rett Association) that we’ve known for over twenty years.


We’re each changing our volunteer focus and other changes include the sale of the family “farm” in Guelph (after17 years of waiting) and of our interest in Elivan, Elinor’s former home, to another family.  Soon there will be three girls living in Elivan along with two caregivers, and we hope the special home atmosphere that existed when Elinor was there will continue.

We are looking forward to our Christmas with Jeremy and Ginny and the twins. 

We hope that this has been a good year for you and that 2018 will be too. 

Best Wishes.

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Instead of buying Christmas Cards, donations were made this year to
Community Living Victoria, Phoenix Human Services,
the Victoria Conservatory of Music, the Wellington RC School Board
and Shekinah Homes Society.