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     Dear friends and family: 
December, 2019


This past year was bit different - a year of consolidation and slowing down.  Perhaps that will be
the new norm.  We expanded the garden on our balcony: planted trees, vegetables and flowers and reapBalcgarden0ed a harvest of: apples (4) (but no peaches yet) from trees that were bare-root in March, tomatoes, lettuce, and small but tasty amounts of bush and runner beans, swiss chard,  peas,  carrots, pepper and various herbs.  We also put down a “lawn”, sold our Motorhome and bought a new car.   

ValcugThe only travelling this year was a briefPus&G trip to Hood River for a Rett Conference in early August followed by a multi-purpose trip - to Ontario for Gene’s uncle’s 100th birthday and Mary’s visit with friends in Oakville.  We had good visits with Valeriote cousins and we both enjoyed re-seeing Guelph and its changes over time.  

On the way ho
CHRMme we stopped in Winnipeg for the opening of Dr. Rastegar’s Human Rett Syndrome Bio-Repository LaboratorPlaquey at the University of Manitoba, where Elinor was honoured with a plaque for a donation towards needed laboratory equipment.  We took advantage of the Winnipeg stay to visit the new Canadian Human Rights Museum, which was very worthwhile.




We look forward to seeing them all again in Whistler before Christmas.  This time we will be going there in our new Tesla Model 3.  We went in November in our 2017 Leaf, which we then gave to Jeremy & Ginny, and picked up the new car on the way home.  

As our lives seem to evolve, it will be interesting to see what the next year brings.  We hope that this has been a good year for you and hope that 2020 will be too.
Best Wishes.Signed


Gene and Mary





giftInstead of Christmas Cards,
a donation was made this year
to the University of Manitoba
to support the
Rett syndrome research of
Dr Mojgan Rastegar

310-5332 Sayward Hill CrescentVictoria, B.C.V8Y 3H8250-727-7636

Mary still doesn’t look (?) and tries not to act her age and so appears in good health, still hiking weekly or more often.  Gene, however, does act her age. He has been struggling to get aGraph diagnosis for a puzzling recurrence ofvery low pulse rates, 2 or 3 days a week leaving him unable to do much physical activity without getting weak or dizzy.  The cardiologist says it’s not a heart problem so now we’re looking elsewhere.  On the down days, he does sedentary things like reading and computer stuff.  On the up days, he can go to the gym and do the normal things - just slower.  Testing continues.
Our granddaughters, Rose and Nina, who turn six this month, are  in kindergarden  at Spring Creek Elementary School inSweaters Whistler.  Since they are now full-time students, the family decided to stay there for another year while they consider job options.  Of course that means that Gene has had to get another Super Senior skiing pass to fill the time during the day when we are doing grandparent duties!  The girls enjoyed downhill ski school last year but after his ski accident in January, Gene had a tough time keeping up with them on skis - we’re not sure that will ever change.
The girls remain very much mutually supportive but complementary and show distinct personalities.  They are in separate classrooms and so are forming  separate  groups of friends.  They seem to be thriving and each has her own strengths so they stimulate one another to catch up.   Needless to say, they keep us on our toes too and are fun to be with.