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    Dear friends and family:                                                                                                   December, 2020

Christmases come and Christmases go but this one will be very different.  Fortunately we are all well re Covid-19 and don’t know anyone who isn’t.  Until recently, BC has fared well but now our numbers are  rising; they may be levelling off a little but are still too high with consequent greater restrictions.  A lot of meetings now take place on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  We would love to be able to  join Jeremy and Ginny and the twins for Christmas but as this is being written that option may not be available.   So - it may just be the two of us with a very small turkey!

We were very pleased that we managed to squeeze in a visit to England to see Mary’s two siblings and families in late February and while there we had a short and very interesting visit to Lisbon, before they imposed restrictions.  We returned to Victoria on March 10 just before  the lock down here  on March 12.  Of course, we have not moved far since and have no plans to travel.  Gene is revelling in  the constraints on social obligations but we both know that this too will pass – especially some time after vaccination starts in January.  He managed to use the extra time confined to home to start updating family trees and both of us have increased our TV, walking and reading time (Gene especially in Italian and Mary especially with e-books) in spite of the library closures.


The balcony garden has moved into a higher gear, with a harvest of well over 30 peaches and 30 apples on the tress that were bare-root last year.  We also added cucumbers, zucchini, more runner beans and we harvested many tomatoes, some now frozen, including ones that were grown from seeds smuggled in from Sicily.


Ginny is now the Chief Administrative Officer for the Resort Municipality of Whistler and she and Jeremy have recently bought a house there. We had a very enjoyable family vacation with them on Long Beach (Tofino) this August. 

Although he did not plan it, Jeremy had the opportunity to run as the Green candidate for the West Vancouver Sea to Sky riding in the recent provincial election.   He ran a wonderful campaign, put 100% of himself  into it and almost won.  When all the mail-in votes were counted he fell 61 behind the longstanding current membe in spite of the CBC declaring him the winner - a great achievement!  Next time, he says!  
The girls (7 ) are thriving and enjoying their new school so much – they are together in the same class this year – that they refused a ski day that Jeremy offered, not wanting to miss school!  They keep us young - relatively!

Gene’s health has been iffy for about 18 months. It is a long story but, after much testing, a  cardiologist-electrophysiologist eventually diagnosed his dysautonomia resulting from a ski accident in Jan. 2019.  What was initially feared to be a heart problem (low pulse, dizziness, weakness, breathlessness, etc.) now seems to be an autonomic nervous symptom malfunctioning, often seen in concussion victims.  Younger people usually recover after a time but it may or may not get better in an old man!  Psychologically the diagnosis is positive - at least he knows he is not going to drop dead of a heart attack and Mary doesn’t have to undertake the financial duties and other Joe-jobs in Gene’s job description.  That helps him take advantage of the devoted care he gets as a bonus.

As our lives seem to evolve, it will be interesting to see what the next year brings.  In spite of the pandemic consequences, we hope that this has been a good year for you and that 2021, with imminent vaccines will be too

Best Wishes
                                        Gene and Mary


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Instead of Christmas Cards,
were made this year to many organizations giving support
especially vulnerable and needy people at home and overseas.